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Our History

Our origin is in Murcia, more than 50 years ago. Since its beginnings, it has been able to combine tradition, quality and know-how to produce the best fruit nectars and juices, always using the best raw materials. It was said that if a jar of Rostoy was uncorked in a room, it would be flavoured with the smell of fruit.

Quality and the agricultural tradition of producing the best possible juices and offering them to an increasingly demanding consumer. Our commitment to sustainability is present throughout the production chain and in the way we choose the raw materials we use to produce our catalogue.
A philosophy framed in the familiarity of a brand that has been with you for more than five decades.

The Effort of a Family

Throughout all these years, the brand has remained faithful to its commitment to its consumers, maintaining a perfect harmony between tradition and modernity, in the new journey that began in early 2012 with one of the most prestigious companies in the food sector, both nationally and internationally. This great leap has allowed Rostoy to evolve towards innovation and adaptation to the new demands of the market, reinventing itself and launching new products in line with the new times, but always with its maximum quality standards, without losing the essence of its beginnings whose recognition endures today.

We are a traditional family brand. Focused on offering the best quality, freshness and naturalness in all our juices, nectars and vegetable drinks.

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  • Address: Calle Ortega y Gasset, 29, 1ªPlanta – Madrid
  • Telephone: +34 686973119
  • E-mail: Write us through the form

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